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CELEBRATING MY MAN OF GOD💕👑 It's an honour to be a part of your family; To witness & participate in the grace of God on your life I thank God for the privilege to be in partnership with you. Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Sir! God bless you Pastor Sir! I love you for eternity! ❤ ❤


Happy birthday to my father like no other,I have had 2 physical encountered with you ..anytime I remember that experience .I am forever grateful to be around in this your era a d dispensation. This year make it 20years I got in contact with you.and my life has changed and upgrade

My father, my father! You’ve given my life a meaning, now my life is so amazing. I celebrate you today and every day. I love you sir.

Happy birthday my great Pastor Chris. May the Lord continue to bless you and pour out more grace upon your life. You are indeed the light of the world and you are supernatural. I'm so blessed to be connected to you and this is divine. Thank you for all that you do for us.

A man after God's heart! Wisdom personified. My life coach, thank you for your humility in the calling and with the calling of God in your life. Most of us enjoy Christianity today because u said yes and makes the word simple for us. Happy birthday Daddy, I love you dearly.

Happy birthday to God's General. My Man of God Pastor Chris. Thank you so much for making it fun to serve God. Thank you for your great impact. Happy birthday sir. You are indeed a wonder to the world. I celebrate you sir even as angel and the whole world celebrate you.

Happy Birthday to the greatest dad in the whole world. Thank you sir for putting us in the right path. Thank you for impacting us with knowledge and wisdom. Thank for believing in our future. Thank you for believing in the future youth of Africa. We love you sir. #dec7 #FALF #GIA

Thank you Pastor for giving my life a meaning, for giving me a reason to be in Christ, thank you for your love for the Lord. I am blessed to be in ministry bcos I said yes to your Words. Such precious Words. #Dec7 #cetravis #usaregion2

Happy Birthday to my Father and my Man of God. Thank you for saying yes to God, Thank you for teaching us the truth of God's word. Am glad to be part of the vision God has given you. I love u Sir.

Happy birthday Abba Father. We love you. #TheHavenNation #Offer7 #Dec7 #Ewcavz4 #ZONEE7 #LWDAYOFSERVICE 2018 #serviceinprogressdouala #CEDOUALA

Happy glorious, birthday my father, mentor, teacher etc. For blessing people like us with the word of God.. We are so grateful Sir.

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