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My God has supplied ALL my needs! This is my month of productivity, He has given me the ability and provisions to do what He has called me to do! #iamalive #iamsound #theelite #cescarborough #cecanada

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#30truthsaboutworship #episode10 #myworshipmyweapon *Do you constantly experience that glow that comes with true Worship? full video here. OR Kindly click on notification bell Like. Share.Subscribe.Comment.

#wordstolivebyeveryday It's 6days to go... Gain extraordinary insight and uncommon knowledge for greater productivity online at the #kccsmw2020...happening live this Month of Productivity from 26th July - August 1st. Save the date #kccsmw2020

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GRACE ADVANTAGE CONFESSIONS *THURSDAY 16TH JULY, 2020* 🗣️DECLARE NOW: I affirm that this is my month of productivity!  I am fruitful and productive I live a life of peace and unlimited prosperity in Christ Jesus.  I’m alive to God, and I belong in the Kingdom of His dear Son where I reign and rule by the power of the Spirit! I’m strong, because He’s strong! And I live because He lives!  I am greatly favoured! God’s favour surrounds me like a shield. It opens doors for me, bringing me into my place of greatness. All things are possible unto me because the ability of God is at work in me.  I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.  Christ is my wisdom therefore I am wise.  The wisdom of God works in me and causes me to be effective and productive in everything I lay my hands to do.  Glory to God! #ihavethegraceadvantage #cephzone3

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#prayerthon2020 #Imapriestinoffice #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

What ever you ask for is his name asking for it.You dont have to use faith.All you have to do is believe in the name of Jesus .You can demand for something to happen in the name of Jesus.You are not praying to jesus but praying to the father in the name of Jesus #exposeonprayer

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