Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal: ENJOY RICE DISHES WITH DOXA on KingsChat Web

ENJOY RICE DISHES WITH DOXA DRINKS! DOXA is great with any food of your choice. Call to order: 08183762777 (nationwide delivery in 24hrs)


Don't deceive yourself #cebeninzone1thanksgiving#cebeninzone1blwdayofservice


Thanksgiving all the way. With a grateful heart. Its thanksgiving service tomorrow. #imcc2015 #celokoja #cefelele

Be of help to others #cebeninzone1thanksgiving#cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

the lost need to know how much God love them #cebeninzone1thanksgiving#cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

“We believe that faith is the cure that heals all troubles.” #cebeninzone1thanksgiving #cebeninzone1blwdayofservice

Dear Dad, you're heavens treasure; the epitome of Divinity. Selflessly Giver that has made Jesus so real today. I'm forever indebted to u.

ENJOY RICE DISHES WITH DOXA DRINKS! Call to order for your party: 08183762777 (nationwide delivery in 24hrs) #cebeninzone1thanksgiving

The Take Out Party with the Indigent Children. #teamCALABARrocks

Commitment to ministry vision recognized as CE Dominica hosts first awards ceremony. Get the full at

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