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Updated his profile photo
Opu-iyalla Geoffery Akonye


My little angel congratulations!! Higher height as you advance in life. Daddy loves you.

Wow! What an awesome service we had today at Christ Embassy Maduku, everyone were so blessed as the message of our man of God Pst Chris was being played titled "Heirs of Bondage" what an eye opening message, I'm so blessed Picture highlights #Cemaduku #Ceokumagbagroup #WMC

#HSPC ..... RELIEVE THE MOMENTS Celebrating 'living testimonies' - past students of the Healing School share their divine encounter with the healing power of God when the man of God, Pastor Chris ministered to them. Watch a rebroadcast @ prayer.enterthehealingschool.org

WEC on our minds!!!!!!!!! Thank you Esteemed Evangelist Dr Eddy Owase for moving us up!!!!! I'm Alive!!!!! Gloryyyyyy

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It was a super blessing sunday with Pastor Lawrence CE Pretoria Oh shalabaa it's a new level #sazone2 #cepta

MEET THE NEW COO - ESTEEMED PASTOR CHIKE UME An amiable and dynamic Minister, born into the Love World Nation some 24 years ago, where he rose through the ranks of the Cell Ministry Leadership to serve variously as a Chapter coordinator, assistant Chapter Pastor & Chapter Pastor, Graduate Pastor, Campus Zonal Secretary, Campus Zonal Director and more recently as the Pastor, Christ Embassy Amsterdam in the Netherlands, responsibility which he discharged simultaneously with his role as a Director in the Campus Ministry. He has been a recipient of numerous Presidential commendation Awards from our Man of God, Pastor Chris through the years for his sterling quality of work and effectiveness. He is the current director of the LW Campus Ministry in which capacity he oversees & manages a rapidly and ever widening network of over 2000 Chapters in 91 nations spread across all continents of the world. His fastidious observance of the instructions of our Man of God, bold vision and effectiveness has led to very notable and significant advancements in the LW Campus Ministry. He is also the Executive Director of the Africa for Africa Youth Initiative; a new movement for young people currently making impact in 22 African countries and still counting. Pastor Chike is happily married to the beautiful Pastor Chioma Ume. Congratulations COO!!!

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#HSPC ..... RELIEVE THE MOMENTS The testimonies and impact of previous editions of the Healing School Online Prayer Conference lives on. Jedidiah and Morty share their glorious healing testimonies from seizures and depression respectively, during the February 2019 edition of the Online Prayer Conference. Gloryyyy! Watch a rebroadcast @ prayer.enterthehealingschool.org

CE Main Church Naalya Uganda 2nd Service. Thank you CGI indeed church growth has started immediately.......

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