Dcns Doris Abumere: A time of Refreshing and on KingsChat Web

A time of Refreshing and a Supernatural encounter with the the Holy Ghost. It's White SUPER SUNDAY GLORRRRRY!!!!!! #CECANADA

A time of Refreshing and

Blessings to you Sir

Every move u've made in the ministry has been sweeter than the honeycomb.HBD EVANGelist Kathy Ma. Thank u for setting the pace. Iā¤& apprec.U

Still Celebrating Our Very Own Dcn Soji! Happy Birthday Sir!

#123celebratingalegend #cecanada Happy happy birthday, God bless you mummy. ā¤

Happy Birthday to you sir. I love you dearly sir

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, my life coach. I love you dearly sir #123cephzone2

Celebrating our dear Mummy, Evangelist Kathy. It was a surprise party to express our love for her. We love you mummy. Happy birthday.

@farlonlyte #igotmine thank you sisi Farlon. Now I can plug my earphones all day šŸŽ§šŸŽ¶šŸŽ¼

#123 Happy Birthday Mam... We Love You ....

Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed Rev. Ray Okocha; Regional Pastor-South South Region and Member of the Central Executive Council BLW. Sir, we celebrate your passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and the saints. We celebrate your love for our Dear Man of God and commitment to the vision of our nation. We celebrate your love for Loveworld USA- the biggest television network in the world. This new year for you is characterised by the Supernatural in all ramifications. You will yet conquer more lands and territories, bring many more into their inheritance in Christ and raise more soldiers for the great work that lies ahead. We love you Sir and we celebrate your beautiful and impactful life. #LoveworldUSA

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