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*Month of Gathering Sheaves* Psalm 126:6, Genesis 37:7

*Month of Gathering Sheaves* Psalm

The Word has gone forth. The Month of December is the month of Gathering Sheaves. 1. Gather the ideas the Lord gave you during the year. Gather your Idea Sheaves. Psalm 126:6 Gen 37:7 #LTMNetworks #LWRNetworks

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Reverend Ken Oyakhilome!!!! Sie sind Gottes Segen für alle Generationen. Gott segne Sie im Überfluss und beschütze. #LWR Ukraine #German

Psalm 126:6 Gen 37:7. The Month of Gathering Sheaves. Gather the words you have received all through the year. put them together. Gather the idea Sheaves. God wants to talk to you.

Happy birthday Pastor Benny.

Welcome to December - The Month of Gathering The Sheaves! Gather your idea sheaves Gather your money sheaves As you pray the Lord will guide you accordingly. This is the month you're about to bring water out of the rock. Psalm 126 vs 6 Genesis 37 vs 7 #usarg1vz2

Hallelujah December its my month of gathering sheaves, my idea sheaves!!

My month of Gathering Shives

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Welcome to December our month of gathering Sheaves.

My month of gathering sheaves

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