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God has made me a wonder to my generation,I'm the efugence of his glory,nations call me blesed cos I'm a blesing to my world. #mydeclaration

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I prosper in everything no limitations in my life alleluia

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I win souls in millions, they remain, grow and become passionate soul winners. #mydeclaration super wealthy in all the world's major currencies and am giving mightyly for the Gospel

I declare mega business for Korey Traders Engineering Company..... Growth in every area of it.#MyDeclaration

#My life will forever be a testimony of God's glory and virtues. #My name always comes up for favor and promotion.  #mydeclaration

Every task and target I'm given my least of 10 times better #mydeclaration

This is the Morning of my Life. I live and rise above every circumstances of this world for I am Kinging! #mydeclaration

I am a millionaire in USD terms. #mydeclaration

I declare that am supernaturally helped, I live in abundance. I declare that am fruitful in all ramifications of life

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