Leandra_Mika: #STPPLUK has been so amazing on KingsChat Web

#STPPLUK has been so amazing & well organised, Congratulations Highly Esteemed Pastor Afolabi for such a Job well done. I Love You

#STPPLUK has been so amazing

Wow wow wow what a training. UK can never be the same in Jesus mighty name #STPPLUK

#DATL was truly a life changing experience, and I thank Pastor Cynthia for making this program possible!

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The way he teaches ain't no common way. Thank you sir for making me a better music minister, teacher, wife and mother. I love you sir. #p31



It's vision 400 all de way 1st 4 vision400souls delivered to the workforce of God! #CELVZ #Oasiscell #Prolificseniorcell #LTMRADIOCELLS

Updated his profile photo


SUNDAY SERVICE AT CE KUBWA 1 WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR EMMA EZE The word was given to us to help us change our lives. Let your life inspire others to want to become Christians too. The highest level of beauty is the beauty of the recreated human spirit, it takes more to hate than to love. The word helps us to pattern our lives and gives us direction of what God expects from us. Live life by the word not on your feelings. Christianity is real in our spirit, it is not what we do, it is who we are, when you become you will do Everyday tell someone Jesus saves. Don't go far to seek the people, they are already in your world. -Start with your immediate environment. Vision 400 is real for us.

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