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My expectations have been surpassed beyond my understanding!! I’m so thankful to Pastor Chris and Pastor Chike for this amazing opportunity ❤️❤️ #TieConUSA #FireInTheUSA

My expectations have been surpassed


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Glory to God!

#TIECONFERENCE2019 #Tieconference

#TIECONUSA #Team3 #GoldenLights


Highlights - Rhapsody of Realities Global Cumulative Launch with Pastor John #SouthEastRegion #RhapsodyofRealities picture speaks....

Life with God is an achieved life , what a time with God today by winning and winning for God in respect of day of bliss


Hold on to God’s report, don’t digest what the devil is saying. The life of faith will bring you out; it will cause you to fulfill all that God has for you. Joshua 6:1,2 says "look sharp", God has already given it to you; that which you’ve believed God for. So many times God tells you something, you are looking for the sense in it; No, it ought not to be so. God expects you to live a consistent life of faith. To live without faith is like to drive a car without fuel, which is is impossible to live life as a Christian without faith.


#TIECONUSA #CMDinUSA #Montgomerycollege #TEAMFOTIA Glorrryyyyy


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