Christ Embassy Eket: Live participation in the December on KingsChat Web

Live participation in the December Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. It's our month of THANKSGIVING! We will thank God with our praise, with our testimonies and our offerings! #CEEKET #SSZ2 #OFFER7

Live participation in the December Live participation in the December Live participation in the December Live participation in the December

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HAPPENING NOW... December 2020 Global Communion Service With Pastor Chris Stay Turn For More Update #DecemberGlobalCommunionService #DecemberMonthOfThanksGiving #Offer7 #Ceumuahia #Sez1

It's our Month of Thanksgiving. We must praise Him whether we feel like or not, it's a sacrifice. Hallelujah !!!

💎 Jesus never asked us to run into hiding for fear of diseases, don't impose your personal fears on the church. Click any of the links below to participate. CeTunes 👇 cLoveWorld 👇 LoveWorld Radio 👇 LTM Web TV👇

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#ONGOINGNOW DECEMBER GLOBAL COMMUNION SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS BREAKING NEWS "It's Our Month Of THANKSGIVING" Pastor Chris, declared by the Spirit the month of December as the month of Thanksgiving! We will rejoice before the Lord, proclaiming His victory as we decree into 2021. We will shine more brightly than ever before. The church will shine in glory, with angelic visitations and operations like no other time in history! Glory!!!! #DecGlobalCommServicewithPastorChris#Cemidwestzone #PastorChrislive

It’s my month hallelujah

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DECEMBER IS OUR MONTH OF THANKSGIVING! There's a difference between giving thanks and Thanksgiving. Giving thanks is thanking the Lord, expressed in your appreciation. Thanksgiving is a term that's applied to a ceremony and a special right in which you have a combination of the following: ✍️Worship ✍️Confessions of faith, confessions of His glory ✍️Sacrifices of praise ✍️Thanksgiving offering

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