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Happy Birthday dear Pst Kelsey....A passionate helper of the war in every way This is your set time . Shine for your light is come

Happy Birthday dear Pst Kelsey....A


Happy birthday Pastor Kelsey.... I love youuuuuu

Still celebrating Pastor David, your love & passion for success is inspiring; may the fire that burns in your heart for the gospel never go out. I am always excited at every remembrance of you, congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy who gracefully came to share the day.

Happy Birthday Dear Ayana. Your future is bright and you shall always walk in the light of Gods word. I love you.

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God is more interested in us setting up wealth generating systems than us asking for financial miracles. The internet of all things loaded with massive opportunities both to create value and to make money. Why dont you register for this masterclass and learn the *hows*

Happy Birthday Dear Sis Felicitee. It’s your year of lights and season of blessings. “Glorious things are spoken of thee”. The Lord bless you more and more!!

Such a great meeting with Pastor today!! Thanks for making time out your day to come speak with us!! We love you!! #cebw #Royalties #PstTeagle

TIE CONFERENCE USA- going higher & higher!! And the Esteemed Regional Pastor Of CE USA Region 1- Pastor Aloy Okei was in the house to impart some spiritual knowledge to the leaders on the topic “Building Yourself for Greatness; Personal Development for young Ministers”. Physical things have their origin in n the Spiritual. Growth is the progressive increase in size either of the whole unit or part of the unit. Development is the Progressive acquisition of various skills and abilities Growth is quantitative and development is qualitative. At this stage of development one begins to think of what can I contribute to my world, to society. Man is a spirit. Your spirit must be educated. The education of your spirit will give you the advantage in life. Vital things to consider; 1. Your prayer life. When you close your eyes to pray to see better. Pray in tongues. When you’re a praying person you’re guided by the Spirit. Follow the Ministry prayer times. 2. The Word of God. You’re born of the Word so you must study it to nourish your spirit. Your spirit is sustained only by the Word. That’s why you have the Rhapsody of Realities, PCDL and other ministry materials. Make time for your spirituals. Learn to meditate on the Word. 3. Relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit. You’ll be amazed at how he will lead you, soon you’ll walk like Him and carry/transmit His presence. 4. Participate in your meetings on Campus. Don’t skip meetings. 5. Maintain the appropriate relationships. Relationships can drain you if you get entangled in the wrong ones. 6. Be careful what you give your eyes or ears to. What are you listening to? Can you share it with me? If you can’t, something is wrong with it. 7. Reprogram your mind with the Word. 8. Learn to win others- share your faith. Talk to someone, evangelize. When you give, you receive. Galatians 4:1-4 Don’t remain a child otherwise you cannot lay hold on the things that belong to you. #TIECONUSA #FireintheUSA #FireintheUSAreloaded #Blwcampusministryrocks

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED BRO GEORGE! A Man of the Spirit, A Burning and a Shining LIght, God's own Purchased Special Person, A Man after God's own Heart! Your life is a Testimony of God's Grace and Favour!!! #Thehavennation #Thefavouredhaven #BroGeorge #Abundantcaregroup

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