Shia Williams: This year We are flourishing on KingsChat Web

This year We are flourishing 🌴🌴🌴🌴 Significant Attainment #TPTGWPL

This year We are flourishing

Any questions you have will be answered on that day! #TPTGWPL

#TPTGWPL if you stick to the word you will come back with a testimony. Register now at 22/7/17. 11am Excel centre London

He that has entered the Lord's rest oh...

Sinach, Eben and more superstars will be performing on that day! See you there #TPTGWPL

Who agrees....🙋By experience! 😂 😂 #blwunnsupersunday

Don't come alone, invite someone #TPTGWPL

Don't wait to be told the story of this destiny changing meeting with my man of God pastor chris..#havenconvention2017july14-15

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma. #ukzone2birthdays #zonalmama #pastorifeoma

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