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WOW we just concluded our Purpose of Life conference and it was so amazing seeing people hungry for the Word and I can never forget this day!!!! #gylfsweden #gylf


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY 🎇🎆🎈🎊 THE PARTY IS AS FOLLOWS😂🤣😂🤣😂 We hired Jacob to make his special porridge, got David to lead the band and ensured Gideon could bring us some wine. Your birthday party is set, 😎😎😋 #pa2206 #Gospel22

God so care about me... Imagine Him taking record of each strand of hair on me. Am the love Child of a Love God. #ICLC2019 #ceonitshazone #ceozonalchurch #ceozexecutive

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HAPPY LUMINARY BIRTHDAY DADDY 🎇🎆🎈🎊🎀🎁🎗️ 🎉🎀🎊🎀🎁🎈🎏🎈🎊🎉 I LOVE U ENDLESSLY #pa2206👑 #Gospel22🎀

Glorry!! #ICLC2019 LOVEWORLD AWARDS TOP 100 CELL LEADERS MINISTRY WIDE 79th - Victoria Tetteh (CE LAA) 69th - Dacosta Asamoah (CE Avenor) 37th - Prestige Kelechi (CE Avenor) 36th - Richard Nii Quaye (CE Avenor) 33rd - Benaiah Joy Junior (CE Avenor) 18th - Eunice Amanor (CE Pillar 2) 17th - Michael Otoo (CE LAA) 8th - Elizabeth Rahimi (CE LAA) 7th - Robert Chaswake (CE LAA) 6th - Michelline Fiahenoo (CE LAA) 3rd - Matilda Gyamfi (CE Korle Bu) 1st - Joel Komla Signan (LAA) Hearty Congratulations!!! #CeAccraGhanaZone

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Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Victor Thank you for being such a blessing. Your immense and undeniable contribution to the work of the ministry is worthy of Celebration. It is greater accomplishments and many more years of Victories and Promotion for you. We love you endlessly.

✨#ICLC2019 PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS- Missions Church Of The Year, Ministry-Wide✨ 2nd position - Christ Embassy Peter Odili Hearty Congratulations, Pastor Ma on this prestigious award. This is something to shout about. Glorrry!!! 🎺🎺🎺🥁🥁🥁👏👏👏👏🥁🥁🥁💃🕺🕺🕺💃 #Soulwinners #CEPHZONE3

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