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Let's thank God for all His faithfulness. #BornAgain

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Thanking God for another time of refreshment @IPPC2018

Apart from me, who else just realised that E.g means "Example Given" i.e means "In Essence"? But I bet, our Teachers told us: E.g = ‘’For example‘’ i.e = ‘’That is‘’ ‍ Me am going to collect all my past school fees.. Negodu #iamasoulwinnercebz3 #mylightshineseverywhere

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#IPPCINYOURCITY 7 Days to go!!! Thursday 29th November to Saturday 1st December 2018. #CelebratingtheSupernatural In just a few days, the long awaited IPPC in your city will begin. What are those aspirations and expectations burning in your heart? These desires of yours will be granted to you during these 3 days of glory. #Ippc2018 #ippcinyourcity #cebeninvz

Am new here.. Still trying to figure out how this works.. Is there a follow back button? How do i know who and who is following me? I hope I get fun out of this app😁😁😁 #everywherestew #iamasoulwinnercebz3

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Happy birthday Sir

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