Funmi K: Celebrating my friend, my love, on KingsChat Web

Celebrating my friend, my love, my prayer partner and my confidante @ 50. #dbk@50

Celebrating my friend, my love,
Henry Dakpokpo


Bros. Happy birthday to you sir

Dcns Ajibola CELVZ/ZA5


Fift- kini!? Wisdom of 100, looks of 15...... it sure sits well on you Bro with great swag

Dcns Ajibola CELVZ/ZA5


Happy birthday , precious DBK of The Most High God! I love you

Pastor Femi NY


Fine “Man”, no pimples! 🙂

P. Gersh. Asim-Ita


Parabens Dear Dcn, greater years ahead sir. I love you!

Pastor Wole Adisa


Happy birthday Deacon Bunmi. God bless you for your labour of love.

Dcn Sesi King


Wow!! Happy Birthday to Esteemed Dcn B @50. Golden Blessings I wish you all the way in this season

Pastor Amaka Adekoya


Happy Birthday to a wonderful personality....I celebrate you Sir...#fresh@50

Updated his profile photo

#PDF15O7  #myPDFimpact #myPDFsong #PDF1507scripturechallenge

30 DAYS ONLINE PRAYER CONFERENCE AT 5AM AND 10PM (DAY 14) 🙏🙏🙏PRAYER POINTS: WE ARE PRAYING FOR OUR NATION NIGERIA; AGAINST WICKEDNESS, VIOLENCE & OTHER VICES  Pray that the cohorts of darkness, who instigate and lure others into violence and wickedness, disasters, terrorist acts, kidnappings, and other vices, stop in the tracks; they cease from terrorizing and inflicting hardships and pains in the lives of Nigerians. Proclaim peace to every hitherto turbulent region, and that the Word of the Lord will prevail and be glorified. Psalm 7:9 Pray, that the Lord will cause peace, progress, development and prosperity to reign in our land; and that the citizens of this great country will prosper in their endeavors. Declare that the Lord will grant our leaders wisdom to make the right decisions and the political will to act for the Lord’s righteous cause. 1 Tim 2:1-2 WE ARE PRAYING FOR OUR BRETHREN TO CONTINUALLY INCREASE IN GRACE AN IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD Pray that we will continually grow and abound in Supernatural knowledge of God in all things; rightly dividing and appropriating the word of truth in our daily lives. Declare that our lives will be characterized with outstanding and remarkable successes and we will continue to experience unprecedented growth in every area of our lives. 2 Peter 1:2-8 Pray that grace and peace be multiplied to us in the knowledge of God, declare that we will make phenomenal impact and mark a very special milestone in our personal life that would set us on another level of remarkable progress in every sphere of life. Declare that this unique grace and anointing upon us will distinguish us, making us a wonder and a marvel in our world and sphere of contact. 2 Timothy 3:16

Happiest Birthday Sis Bukky. Thank you allowing love n sweetness flow out of you. Every time you see someone,always and all the time, sweet words,love freely flow out of you,so warming. That your sweet happy laugh is glorious. You loooook wooooow.... Indeed you are shinning.....

The Lord has blessed me,I have all that I need for every good work.. Alleluia #ceonitshazone #ceozonalchurch #ceozexecutive

هُناك خرافه تقول: أن الشمس والقمر كانا مُغرمان ببعضهما ولم يستطيعا أبداً أن يكونا معاً لأختلاف توقيتهما ، لذلك خُلق الكسوف كي يبرهن أنه لا بد من لقاء، رغم البُعد .. يتباعدان دهراً ليلتقيا بعد غياب طويل ويعبران عن حبهما العميق بالعناق.

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Still celebrating the very dear Dcns Maureen. Happy Birthday Ma. I love you dearly!

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