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#AbuleEgbaRock #SeeHisGlory #Group4Crusade

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Join me for another LIVE STREAM in our ongoing #zonalrapathon There is a word from the Lord to catapult you to a new a higher levels of glory! Time : 6pm-7:30pm GMT+1 www.cephzone1.org or on the Christ Embassy ZONE1 Facebook Page . . Still celebrating the World’s BEST Devotional #rhapsodyofrealities #peeayforever #pastorchris #loveworld #phenomenallife #cephzone1 #cephzone1virtualchurch

Celebrating a completely sold-out Soulwinner/Partner and Deaconess; 10q for always making up for the lack of others, I love u Dcns Bidz;HBD😍


Our faith in Jesus Christ is not a misplaced faith, it's not an assumption, it is faith in a proven God, faith in a proven message and you've got to prove Jesus Christ to your generation - Pastor Chris (IEYC 2016) 22 DAYS TO GO💪💪 #IEYC2019 #Campingwuthpastorchris #GYLF

Happy Birthday Pastor Sam. You are a burning and shining light. Enjoy your new year. Much love.💖

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In the year of Lights 💡. We are lighting up everywhere with “This Gospel”. Join us this Saturday for a Special 🚀 Launch. We are taking off. Don’t be left behind. See details below👇🏾

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