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Happy 23rd. wedding anniversary to you Bro. John and Sis. Debbie. Thank you for selflessly gracing the work of the gospel with all that you are. Wishing you a continuous happy marriage. God bless you.

Happy 23rd. wedding anniversary to
Perfect Carine


Happy wedding anniversary esteemed Bro John and sister Bebbie. Thank you for being a blessing and an inspiration to us.

Marjolein Aarnoudse


We. Love you so much thank you for all your love spreading to all of us.Bless you richsly.



hi pst n dear ma happy happy anniversary congralutions. love you

Helen Oloyede


Happy Wedding Anniversary pastor Sir &Ma

John Ennin


Thank you, we are very appreciative.

Patience Timothy


Happy anniversary

Emmanuel Oloyede C E OFFENBACH


Glory !!! Many More Beautiful Years Ahead.

Happy Birthday of PERFECTION esteemed Pastor Magdalene Omagbemi. Thank you Pastor Ma for your unwavering commitment to the Healing School. We love you dearly Pastor ma.

One is born in a first class hospital, the other is delivered at home, both survived. One went to a private primary school and the other to a public school, both ended in the same high school. One woke up from the bed and the other woke up on the floor, both had a peaceful sleep. One has expensive attire, the other simple and cheap, both still cover their body. One ate fried rice and Curry, the other ate home made rice n dal but both filled their hunger. One drives a Lexus, the other uses public transport but both reached their destination. One may be reading this post from a Sony xperia, BB Z10, Q10, Samsung Galaxy 6edge, IPhone6+ and the other on an ordinary Smart phone, but all can see the same message. Lifestyle is not a competition, various lanes lead to the same destination. Just because our neighbour has amassed material posessions, it does not mean that we are a failure. Happiness doesn't come from having everything, but making the best out of what we have, it's all about how we see ourselves. Happiness is not having what we like. Happiness is liking what we have and learning to make the most of it by giving it!!! #choosetobehappy #bejoyful #smile #begrateful #thankgod #godcares #godlovesyou #castallyourcaresonhim #thebestisyettocome #bepatient #thinkright #seeright #talkright #actright

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma You're a blessing to all Congratulations Pastor Ma🥂 #PMO1025 #Celebratingsweetmum #PMORocks #Okumagbagroup

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Happy happy BD Dear King, Son! You are 4💙 this journey has been so rewarding with U! Ur gentle nature radiates my heart so much. Thank U for eating my bland(no salt foods) without complaining like others😃 Today I bless you with the name of God🙏 Mama loves you special special💙

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