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DURBAN GROUP HAS JOINED US. GLORY! #prayathonwithpastorchris #zonaldayofprayers #cesazone2 #durbangroup

Pastor Mpumi Ngema ZE2


Glory to God. Changes made in the realm of the Spirit!!

CELEBRATING OUR ISM FEBRUARY STAR PARTNER - YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! A special thank you to our esteemed Pastor Witness Acts of Chosen Generation Church, South Africa. Your partnership with the International School of Ministry is making a huge difference in the lives of ministers and ministries all over the globe. We say a big ‘thank you’ for your continued and steadfast commitment towards the vision of our man of God at the ISM. As you have given, a multiplied harvest of blessings is surely yours in Jesus Name. Men will continually fall over themselves to favour you wherever you go. We love, appreciate and celebrate you today and always. Thank you for making a huge difference! #ism #thankyou #february

#Bediscipline #Befit #Leaveahealtylife #Havefun

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God is faithful....

https://fooddrive.theinnercitymission.ngo #icmglobalfooddrive #zerohunger #globalfooddrive

NO-HOLDS-BARRED MOVE FOR THE SALVATION OF 3.4 BILLION SOULS. ''RADIO'' is the most accessible and affordable media of communication. It's unlimited reach has position the platform as the primary source for sharing information Join the movement today!

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Your victories are, and would be, entirely dependent on divine strategies given to you by God through the Spirit and His Word. Therefore, consciously practice fellowship with the Holy Spirit and the Word.. Always act on the instructions of the Spirit in divine wisdom. #ROR#celvz

https://www.kingsch.at/p/KzVBeHp #monthofknowledge #prayathon2020 #NightOfBlissApo #NOBA #cegarkigroup #ceAMC

Make it happen! #autumnsession #2020 #healingschool

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