Hephtsibah Ngando : Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

#CelebrantibusMagnumPerfectionisImago #CelebratingaGreatIconOfPerfection #Pflow1031

Righteousness is deciding what is right from wrong, what has glory from what has shame, what is of God from what is not of God....Glory.#WORDFEST #WORDFEST2 #WORDATWORK #CEPHZONE3

#KeepSayingIt #1792 My spirit is trained to apprehend the realities of the Kingdom, and my body responds and conforms to the truths of my divinity. Sickness, disease, and infirmity have no place in me because divine health is my birthright. I live in the presence of God and I am seated with Christ in the place of authority and dominion, far above principalities, powers and every corrupting influence of this world. My words are potent and full of life. I declare that God’s Word prevails in my life, in my health and in all that concerns me, in Jesus Name. Amen.

6 days to go #CelebrantibusMagnumPerfectionisImago #CelebratingaGreatIconOfPerfection #Pflow1031

HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR SUNDAY SERVICE WITH OUR ZONAL DIRECTOR. Worship session led by our Esteemed Nairobi 1Choir. #cekenyazone

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*Happy Good Morning to You!* Don't stop proclaiming who you are. You live a life far above this realm; one that is not subject to the elements of this world! _There is so much more for you on the All-New HS MOBILE 2.0. Download Now @ https://ethsch.org/1ww_

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Join our #SuperSunday today https://youtu.be/mfhVlF6RLEs #SuperSunday #CEmanhattan

Updated his profile photo

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