Nankunda Ronnah: Celebrating my Father, thank you on KingsChat Web

Celebrating my Father, thank you so much Pastor Sir for your investment in our lives. I love you Sir. Happy birthday Sir. #Dec7 #EAZ3 #Uganda

Celebrating my Father, thank you

Happy Birthday to you Pastor sir. Indeed a man sent from God.You are the best of God. Words are not enough to thank you for the many lives around the world you have impacted . Only the master will thank you enough when we get to heaven. #OFFER7 #CENewlands

Happy birthday to my father. Thank you for teaching us the word of God.

Happy birthday Sir

Words can not express how I appreciate and love you dad, you are one in a million and a million in one happy birthday I love you Dad

I first came in contact with you 26 years ago, see what my life has become..... i love you so much Dad. Happy birthday

Celebrating our Man Of God. God's general. Our father, our mentor, our word teacher,our life coach, the prophet of our day. Thank you Pastor for building the body of Christ for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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I join others to rejoice with our highly esteemed Pastor and Founder of BLWN, Happy Birthday Sir. Your youth is renewed day by day. Congratulations

Glorry. A Super Happy Birthday to The world Greatest Teacher, Pastor of Pastors, Mentor of Mentors, My life Coach, You gave my life a meaning when it was meaningless. Thank you Sir for starting healing school, and Rhapsody. #Offer7 #Dec7 #Pastorchris #Ceonitshazone

I Celebrate my Dad! Teacher and Father. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir 💞. We love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for giving our lives a meaning 💫 and a purpose for living !  #Dec7 #PastorChrisBirthday #BENINREP #EWCZ2 #WeLoveYou

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