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2017 is my year of flourishing. Luxuriant growth, significant attainment & persistent productivity. What great works & testimonies awaits

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Oh boy!! It's Our Year of Flourishing! Wow news making attainment! One service global reach! #dec31stservice #dec31stlive #UKVZ3 💃🏻💃🏻

New year eve service live @ BLWFUTA #BLWZONEG

The LOVEWORLD CENTER PH One of the 6 Centers in BLW ZONE H where thousands are participating in the #newyearseveservicewithpastorchis #ilovepastorchris #blwzonehrocks

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2017.


"propagação continua ,Victoria Ascerta”

I have arrived again wait nd see today is really nd thruly great i know what to do he gave the way +his Wisdom nd +himself hunmmm

Happy New Year of FLOURISHING I am flourishing in every way Thank you Pastor sir and Happy New Year.

2017 is the year of flourishing.#cebangkthailand

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