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Thank you Steve! Be smart. Use your gift and become!

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Oni Osaretin David


Beautiful inspiration

Relishing moments of #IPPC IN MY CITY #ZPCUYO2018 What a time of refreshing and re-evaluation it was for #SSVZ2 ,as Partners shared their Thoughts and inspiration for the new ministry year. #CEUYO #CEIKOTEKPENE #CEEKET #NSSR


A very big congratulations to you!! Blessed be GOD. I

Good morning beautiful people of the beloved country Blessed be God

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Happy Birthday Sis Gloria Dauda! You're such a wonder ma! I celebrate you today & always for dogged commitment to the work of the ministry. Thank you for being a blessing to me, our Church and the entire zone. Love you loads ma! 😘💕💋 #CEManchester #CEUKVZ2 #LoveZone

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READY TO RECEIVE! READY TO INCREASE IN GRACE!! READY TO FINISH SUPERNATURALLY!! It is going to be a glorious event.... #IPPCINYOURCITY2018 #finishingsupernaturally

Dear Father, l thank you for the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. I therefore receive wisdom and revelation to know you more; that the eyes of my understanding would be enlightened in Jesus Name, Amen.

Happy birthday sweetheart! You are God's special and best gift to me and our lovely kids, I love you deeply and always. #celebratingmysuperstar, #Theloveofmylife #AmazingPastor #Pastorlikenoother

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