Pst.Caleb Praise: #nobph2019 #nightofblisswithpstjoy #cephzone3 on KingsChat Web

#nobph2019 #nightofblisswithpstjoy #cephzone3

#nobph2019 #nightofblisswithpstjoy #cephzone3

Happy Birthday Dear Dcns Samia. Its such a great joy & delight 2 celebrate U specially this beautiful day. 10 years ago this month, U were born into our Glorious Nation & I have seen d message of our Man of God produce results of d Spirit in ur life. I love & appreciate U dearly

Live from Houston, Texas. Another great opportunity to minister with our dear man of God Pastor Chris. We are ready to receive.. #Rehearsals #LMAMUSA - #regrann

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Are you ever grateful to God that you have a teacher at all, many are wishing they could have a teacher like the one you have, that's why you must join the bandwagon to celebrate this our great teacher in the Meet My Teacher Campaign. Join now and celebrate.

What a glorious time with my man of God ,Pastor Chris yet again.CE Houston My heart is full , grateful and ready to maintain a life constantly filled with the Holyghost. Lighting up my world ,doing my master's will.I love you Lord.I love you so so much Pastor Sir forever

#Womensrally #cesandton #Zone1 #rosacommunityprojects

Ephesians 4 vs 6 Our God is bigger than everything and He lives in us! #monthofuplifting #liftchallenge

That moment your man of God walks into the sanctuary and the atmosphere changes,electrified ,you know your life can never be the same again .We love so much Sir @pastorchris LMAMUSA ,you are a burning and a shining light.A city set on the hill you cannot be hidden .shine

Guess what's in the air! October 5th is 'World Teachers Day' & who is the best teacher in the world? #meetmyteacher #mmt #PastorChrismyteacher #ThankyouPastorChris

Happy Birthday P.Timzy!Thank you for been a great team player. Of your increased relvance,impact & influence there shall be no end.I love u!

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