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Happy Birthday my cute guy! THE ENJOYMENT OFFICER. The hand of the Lord is upon you to raise you strong in the Spirit. I love you dearly.

Happy Birthday my cute guy! Happy Birthday my cute guy! Happy Birthday my cute guy!

The greater one lives inside of me, I'm not moved by what I see. I love you Rozey! #BLWuniversityofbuea #ewcavz4 #GYLFcameroon

Happy Flourishing!!!Download listen and enjoy!! God bless u! #cebeninzone1#

Lover of God's children #whywelovePNO

05 - Bday is 95% loading #whywelovePNO

I flourish on every side! I am a blessing to my world! Hallelujah!!!! #BLWuniversityofbuea #ewcavz4 #GYLFcameroon

Benjie(2k15 winner) with Rose(2k15 star prize winner) Thankx to Kobis for your special meal & sponsorship. KOBIS!!! --Always Fresh #FALA2016

#whywelovePNO thank you to be an excellent teacher to me

Happy new year.It my year of flourishing.

updated his profile photo

The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof ,the world and all they that dwell in.The Holy Spirit design all the beauty we see around us.

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