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Happy Birthday To Our Esteemed Chief Executive Officer Of Loveworld Nation, Pastor Deola Philips! We Celebrate you!! Thank you for being an Exceptional and Perfect Pastor. May you experience God's blessing in an extraordinary way. We love you.

Happy Birthday To Our Esteemed
Idongesit Akpan


Happy birthday to you ma

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Celebrating the #ExceptionallyPerfect Pastor Dr. Deola Phillips; The Esteemed Chairperson, Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF). We at TCIF are making impact and saving millions of lives everyday all around the world because you showed us that every life counts. Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Ma. We love and appreciate you dearly. #Oct29 #ExceptionallyPerfectPDee #CelebratingExceptionalism #CelebratingExpansionism #CelebratingPerfectionism #TCIF #FirstResponderNetwork #Everylifecounts

Gloryyyy ❤️ I soooo love this scripture

It's 1 Day To PCDL WordFest2 Extravaganza Our Ministry Centre Director will be ministering live. Happening this Friday 30th - Saturday 31st October 2020 It's a 24 Hours Non Stop Celebration of God's Word in music, Rap, Exhortations, Testimonies, Impactful Talkshow and lots more. All for your lifting🙌 Airing live on #wordfest2 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv #wordfest2extravaganza #warriministrycentre

We are transforming our world. #tew #celz1rocks #ceabuleegba

LoveworldSAT Airtime Faith Currency Sponsorship: Thank you Esteemed Deaconess Naiye Kgetse, CE Botswana Group.

I can't wait 4 Pastor Chudi 2b on set with d man of God in a Q&A session. MOG knew him in his Loveworld ministerial class back then cos he always answers his questions. A delight of every teacher. Happy birthday Pastor Chudi. #Oct29 @pastorchudi @dcnsijeoma7_ @lgzone1 @lz1ror

Today we have the honour to celebrate an unshakable rock, a role model of boldness, endurance, steadfastness and compassion for the lost – definitely an inspiration to millions! We’ll never cease to thank the Father for granting us such a valuable treasure in you...

Dear Pastor Deola, thank you for being a shining ensample for us to follow, in following our dear man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, and in being an effective carrier of the vision of the LoveWorld nation to the nations and territories of the world. Thank you, for your love and guidance in Ministry throughout the years, We love you dearly!

Happy Birthday Esteemed CEO Ma, Thank you for being a role model in ministry, my mentor(ISLT) and all you do on ministry. We love you dearly. #exceptionallyperfect #CEEket #SSZ2

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