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Still on going, the 24 hour Wordfest Extravaganza 2 rebroadcast on pcdl.tv Stay glued and enjoy every bit of it PCDL TV: Building lives through God's eternal word

Still on going, the 24 Still on going, the 24

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We Are Praying Fervently In The Spirit For 24 Hours Non-Stop with Pastor Chris come Tuesday 1st - Wednesday 2nd December #GlobalDayOfPrayer #Happeningindecember #watchonpcdltv

#GrandKnight #Offer7 #CelebratingPastorChris #CEACCRAGHANAZONE

1 Day To Go for the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris and will be airing live on www.pcdl.tv #GlobalDayOfPrayer #Happeningindecember #watchonpcdltv

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There is absolutely nothing we cannot accomplish in the place of prayer... #IAMREADY #SAZONE2 #SOUTHGROUP

It's the most anticipated Global Day of Prayer with our dear man of God, Pastor Chris. As the day draws closer we urge you to spread the word to everyone in your world to join Pastor Chris for a glorious time of effecting changes during the special edition of the Global Day of Prayer starting on Tuesday, 1st December by 6pm to Wednesday, 2nd December 2020. It's time to build the future of our nations! Let's align the world with the will of the Father. #gylf #gdop

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LEUKEMIA IS GONE - A MUST WATCH! šŸ‘‰www.enterthehealingschool.org/v Healed of leukemia and acute anaemia, Karen Delangre shares the story of her journey to the miraculous.This is must watch! Visit the link below to get the full story šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡ www.enterthehealingschool.org/v Create your personalized avatar here www.enterthehealingschool.org/video/avatar after watching the video and share it on your social media platforms. Like, share and comment. God bless you #healingtestimonies #healingtothenations

Biggest Congratulations To Me...šŸ˜€ #SAZone2Awards

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