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So many things to say about you ma.Ah!! a true mother that listens to her Child even when its not convenient for her.All she wants is your happiness. What other peace of mind do I want when I am under your tutelage? Your Love is for all #PLO406 #CEPHZONE2 #CELWC #LWCDCG #DCG

So many things to say

And wherever you live, you must not eat the blood of any bird or animal. Leviticus 7:26 NIV #DailyMeditation

Happy Glorious Birthday Esteemed Sir & Ma. It's such a joy celebrating you. I celebrate your undeniable impact in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is from glory to glory. I love you

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Super happy birthday dearest Pastor Kunbi ...your life is flooded with God's truth and your path with God's light ...thanks for all you do for us in SE Zone 2 and for your amazing disposition of service 🥰😍Your life is from glory to glory till rapture 💖I love you eternally 🥰🥳

Did I tell you I see myself a lot in Pastor? Oh yes I do always and that's number one reason i keep growing. If my Pastor "can", then I "can" Thank you ma for coming to Port Harcourt. You came specially for me. Happy Birthday Pastor ma #PLO406 #CEPHZONE2 #CELWC #LWCDCG #DCG

🎶”I feel the change in my life, I feel the Spirit deep down inside, I feel His power moving here today, I feel the change in my life...”🎶

12:37 Already? Bia time why so fast? Anyway its still my Mum's birthday. Time got nothing on me You are worth celebrating everyday. I love you Mum. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mum!!! #PLO406 #CEPHZONE2 #CELWC #LWCDCG #DCG

Happy birthday Sis Goodness, and as your name so many good things are happening in your life onward. @ple

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Updated his profile photo

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