Mimi Light: #myddeclaration#every prophecy spoken concerning m on KingsChat Web

#myddeclaration#every prophecy spoken concerning my music ministry is coming to pass and I lambano world renowned artists into the kingdom.

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#mydeclaration # Jesus is my light and my path is brighther always, he is my sufficiency and my champion you are the course of my life

Les bénédictions se déplacent en ma direction et je marche dans le surnaturel au nom de Jésus #mydeclaration

My future is certain and alive in Christ! #mydeclaration

Wisdom Speaks: The more we glorify God in worship, the more we are Glorified #GFMC2018 #CRVZ GOOD FRIDAY MIRACLE CONCERT 30th #LIVAGLOE

Unimaginable success supernaturally achieved. Biotic and Abiotic factors on earth and beyond are compelled to supernaturally favor me, my

I declare that money comes to be by free course, i have wealth untold, i have been brought into a wealthy place. Glory!! #myfaithdeclaration

#My declaration! I decree that i am a king-Priest, I decree that I'm a royalty. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I'm a shining light.I reign and win always.I'm favoured everywhere I go.I win great numbers of souls to the kingdom of God.Halleluyah##

Praying right now.

I declare that I am a mother of many nations and nothing can stop it! I am blessed everyday and everywhere! Glory to God!! #Mydeclaration

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