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Happy birthday ma. God has given us the best as our pastor. I love you ma, I will continue to celebrate you. Million congratulations. #1029# God's Icon.

Happy birthday ma. God has Happy birthday ma. God has Happy birthday ma. God has Happy birthday ma. God has

Celebrating our RON Stars ! #BlwChurchWoji #Blw2ndTierChurch #InspiringGreaterDreams

Glory to God!. Service yesterday, our much anticipated Faith Convention with our Esteemed ZONAL Pastor was Heavenly. I am blessed with a special blessing that I will not escape. Thank you Lord Jesus. #followinginstruction #cebeninzone1 #ceGlorychurch

Celebrating our RON Stars ! #BlwChurchWoji #Blw2ndTierChurch #InspiringGreaterDreams

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CEO OF OUR GREAT NATION, THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR DEOLA PHILLIPS! BLW UK Zone 2 celebrates the epitome of grace, wisdom and tenacity, a great woman of faith, elegance and integrity, a vibrant soldier and general in God’s Army. Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola. You are a great asset to the BLW Nation and a mighty weapon in the Kingdom of God. We love you!! #Celebratingsapience #sapiencechallenge #1029 #ukzone2

The expressions of the Spirit!! #blwunzachurch

Happy birthday Pastor Chudi! Thank you for your inspired friendship. Your commitment, through the years, to the Lord is indisputable. Your life and ministry has taken a new turn. You'll experience the supernatural in this new phase of your life and stay fresh and green. Cheers!

"start making plans to attend Rhapsody Mandate Conference" #rhapsodyconference #themandateisareality #cemidwestzone

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