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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo
amanaha benjamin great


Beautiful n blessed

#RealityCheck There're certain things in life that are not in unending supply, one of them is time; keep track of your time, life is not a game and there's no extra time. Make everyday count for your life, take the opportunity of everyday to improve yourself and introduce something into your life that's worth the while; something positive, invest in your time wisely and whatever you do now, do it the best way, the first time.

3 Days To Go πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό and Something to be excited about! Happening Same Time, Same Impact, Same Experience in Different Zones Globally is IMCC 2020 Xpanded this November 15th - 17th. #imcc2020xpanded #nowinits7thedition #happeningindyearofperfection

Still celebrating the gentle giant,a dependable son of the prophet!Happy birthday dear Brother Enaike.Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the work of the ministry,the vision of our man of God.Enjoy this new year in praise and thanksgiving!! #blueelite #Cemidwestzone

Now 3 Days To Go 😊😊😊 Get Ready To Experience Refreshing Moments @ IMCC 2020 Xpanded in the Year of Perfection This November 15th - 17th. #imcc2020xpanded #nowinits7thedition #happeningindyearofperfection

Updated his profile photo

Still Loading and 3 Days To Go πŸ”œπŸ”œπŸ”œ INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CONNECTORS' CONFERENCE 2020 XPANDED #imcc2020xpanded #nowinits7thedition #happeningindyearofperfection

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It is just 3 Days To Go πŸ“―πŸ“―πŸ“― Get Ready For the Big Event Coming This November IMCC 2020 Xpanded Happening in all zones Globally #imcc2020xpanded #nowinits7thedition #happeningindyearofperfection

First of its kind @ IMCC2020 is IMCC Xpanded Happening in all zones same time and same date this November Get Ready For This Maximum Impact #imcc2020xpanded #nowinits7thedition #happeningindyearofperfection

UK ZONE 2 PRAYING LIVE IN THE YEAR-LONG PRAY-A-THON 2020 WITH PASTOR CHRIS LIVE - Members of UK Zone 2, led by our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, lead the ministry in a powerful hour of prayer as part of the ongoing Year-long Pray-a-thon 2020 with Pastor Chris. - We prayed fervidly in tongues of the Spirit for the protection of children the world over, from the evil works of the devil. Hallelujah! #prayerthon2020 #Imapriestinoffice #ukzone2 #OuryearofPerfection

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