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Updated her profile photo

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#AFFIRMATIONTRAIN 26TH DECEMBER I affirm that the grace of God has multiplied in my life! The knowledge of the Word has brought beauty, speed, and accuracy to my life. There’s no challenge that can overwhelm me because the Father has granted me the grace to face challenging situations and still come out victorious! The strength of the Spirit wells up within me each time I am faced with adverse circumstances that challenge my faith! God’s indwelling and abiding presence is my guarantee that, come what may, I’ll always be a winner. The eyes of my understanding are enlightened because the Father has removed the shadows of ignorance from me through the illuminating power of His Word. As I meditate on the Word today, my path is lighted for me to see the way of progress, success which the Father has set for me, as I shine as a beacon of light to the world. I walk day after day by the light of God’s Word. I am not moved by the natural circumstances that exist in the world. God’s Word is the light by which I operate in my job, finances, family, and everything that concerns me. I am aware of God’s bountiful provisions for me, and I am enjoying them because I see by the greater light of His Word. Glory to God. Hallelujah! #cekano #nnwvz2


#TALKINGSESSION 26TH DECEMBER. KINDLY SAY THIS WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear heavenly Father, thank you, for your Word is working and producing results in me today! I declare that I am running the race you’ve set before me with patience, eschewing and laying aside pride, jealousy and every encumbrance, trait or character that could limit me from attaining to my God-given potentials and destiny in you! My heart is opened even now to receive your Word and live by it. I refuse to be swayed by the many contrary voices in the world; rather, I make a deliberate choice to look away from everything else and focus my gaze on your Word. By this, I continuously function in the realities of your Kingdom, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY HE CAME #cekano #nnwvz2

Celebrating Christ He is the reason for the season

Christ in us

MerryChristmas and Happy New Year

You are the reason for the season

Updated her profile photo

Merry Christmas pastor sir,pastor ma and to the whole family.

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