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Happy birthday Pastor ma. I can't thank you enough for the years of training and great development, the results are truly evident ma! You are truly the Light of the World! I appreciate you ma! I love you so dearly ma💕

Happy birthday Pastor ma. I
Pastor Christine


Thank you so much esteemed Sis Ada

Yesterday while walking, listening to "Growing Spiritually Pt1", my strides literally turned to bouncy and hopping steps, especially as Pastor explained "partakers" in 2Pet1:4...eish! If my physical steps were so uplifted, imagine what happened to my spirit! #monthofuplifting

Overcome evil with GOOD. #Liftchallenge #Monthofuplifting

1.2 Your love and grace is expressed through me. Thank you, for you guide me in the path of decernment, wisdom and understanding. In Jesus name, Amen. Today, I read: 2 Corinthians 2:6 - 3:5 Proverbs 14-15 Rhapsody of Realities

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"When you get your emotions involved in prayer, your spirit is conditioned in a way that's receptive to the Holy Spirit. At that moment, your mind is channelled to your purpose of prayer, and attentive."- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

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#UPCOMING EVENT 9 DAYS TO GO!!! Media Connector Conference # Harnessing Endless Possibilities through training & insights on how you can be more effective in Church and Cell ministry through the use of our LW applications #zmccwmc #Warriministrycentre

"whoever humbles himself shall be raised to honor." Humility is the speed for life, the catalyst for ever-increasing greatness & unlimited progress. It's the way to experience quantum leap & be elevated to honor in your life ~Ps Chris Oyakhilome #liftchallenge #monthoflifting

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