Dcns sandra oduye: Happy 70th Birthday to My on KingsChat Web

Happy 70th Birthday to My Sweet and Adorable Mummy Augusta ! Great woman of Faith ! I love you !Thank you for been a Pillar in the house😍❤

Happy 70th Birthday to My

Happy Birthday William. Dear Guv'nor, There are many things that make you so special. You're so very considerate of others. Your love and other for people. Your honesty and integrity. Your excellence in everything. Your seriousness in getting your work done etc. But what really sets you apart, to me, is your passion to make an impact in the lives of others. A positive impact. On this day to mark your birth, I celebrate you and everything that you are. Happy Birthday Guv'nor. I love you. dad.

Evening with the word with our most high esteem doctor pst Chris Oyakliome!!!! #eveningwithDWord #Ce Canada

Vision 400 for overcomer cell is a done deal. We flourish

Glory to God! #Vision400 #Soulwinning #Charisma1cell #Evangalism #CECanada Led souls to Christ and distributed Rhapsody of realities

Celebrating you today and always...... The world's greatest Mum. Happy Birthday Ma! #cekaru1 #pastorelohoovrere #ceabujazone #vision400

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess Shania! You are super special and I Love you! 💕 You will always be ahead, an influencer, a blessing! Enjoy!


14 Days to #ANEVENINGWITHTHEWORD...we will burn and shine even more by the power of the Holy Ghost!

#Vision400 #Soulwinning #CECanada

Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Karen; A great blessing! Ur Year is blessed, filled with Luxuriant Growth, Significant Attainment& Productivity💗

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