Sophia: I declare that my light on KingsChat Web

I declare that my light is shinning brighter and brighter everyday.. I'm unstoppable

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I see life in one direction only. I think progress,victory,abundance; I think light, righteousness, I think in one direction #mydeclaration

I'm leading a significant life ,the path which God is leading me is glorious ,in this path there is no error .#MyDeclaration

I'm a doer of God's word, therefore I refuse to be poor #mydeclaration

My God shall supply my needs exceedingly abundantly above all that I can think or ask for he is my Shepherd #mydeclaraction

I declare that all myfamily members are exposed and accepting the Gospel of our Jesus Christ and are strengthen in the Faith.#mydeclaration

I declare that my household is blessed. My husband is blessed. My children are blessed and all that concerns me are blessed of the Lord. #my

I am turning many to righteousness this year...pioneering churches around the world. #MyDeclaration

I attract money! From all corners of the earth, in all currencies, money is coming to me!! #mydeclaration

None of my words shall fall to the ground. #mydeclaration

I declare the supernatural is my life I declare supernatural supply of financial resources.I declare I have a good and payable job.

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