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More Highlights from the June Global Communion Service with Our Dear Man of God. This month, each one is to get at least 10 new people to follow @PastorChris on KingsChat We are going to make impact! As testimonies come in, post them on KingsChat with the hash tag: #PrayerMonthTestimonies #CeAccraGhanaZone #Supernatural

More Highlights from the June More Highlights from the June

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#globalcommunionservice Our Dear Man of God "Only believe. Your life and future is secured in His blood. Never hesitate in fear. The dreams that God has put in your heart, be bold about them. Strengthen your faith by listening to the Word of faith. His provisions are guaranteed. He gives you His Strength, His Wisdom, His Courage, His Ability, His Health. Change your consciousness to His consciousness. Think like Him! I'm guaranteed to win. I'm guaranteed to succeed. to succeed. I'm guaranteed to be a victor. My prosperity is guaranteed!" #blwghanazone

Highlights from the June Global Communion Service with Our Dear Man of God. Post your faith filled declarations during prayer sessions with the hash tags; #PrayingNow #MyCountry #MyDeclarations "When God wants to do something mighty in a place, even in an era, He moves His people to pray. Not just to pray as a labour, but also to enjoy praying." #Cesaanzp

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Setting d pace for d divine race πŸš—πŸ”₯🏁 Thank you for leading #blwusagroup2 Happy Birthday Pastor Dan!!! #pdangotip

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Thank u for ur leadership, love, commitment to campus ministry, and for d great impact u have made in my life. Happy Birthday! #pdangotip

He’s one of a kind and ever so full of the spirit! Happy Birthday Pastor Dan!!! #pdangotip

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