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Happy Birthday Pastor Benjamin. Thank you very much for your commitment, dedication and loyalty to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to our dear man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you for believing in the vision of our great BLW Nation. You are indeed a son of consolation and a blessing to us in the Zone. Happy Birthday and God bless you.

Happy Birthday Pastor Benjamin. Thank

Samsung is finally updating its terrible emoji. Samsung has had a bad rap when it comes to emoji. Aesthetically speaking, they’re pretty fug, and worse, the yellow globs often don’t correspond with emoji on other platforms. So sometimes you’d be sending what you thought was a shocked face, but would really show up as a hungry face instead. It’s a common issue between platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft, and so on, but the difference is much more distinct with Samsung. However, that’s set to change now that the company is rolling out Android Oreo to its phones. The updated emoji library (from Samsung Experience 8.5 to Samsung Experience 9.0) now has emoji that are more in line with other operating systems emoji sets: Read more on https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/12/17004488/samsung-experience-9-emoji-android-oreo-update


Way maker Miracle worker Promise keeper Light in the darkness My God, that is who you are #ceabakaliki1 #SNOBA2018

Updated her profile photo

Say after "I am the perfection of beauty ". This is a love letter written by God to you. #RisingStars #CEScarb #CECanada #TeensCan #H2H

Happy birthday dear Pastor Zak. I love you 😍


Thank you lord

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR CHIEF OF STAFF 💖❣💞💟 🎁Thank you for your leadership. 💜You brighten lives and fill our world with colours. 💛Thank you for being simply the best... Happy Birthday Dearest Pastor Onyeka Okoli! #nssr #TLB #cebayelsa #nssvzone1

#HSPC #loveworldmedicalmissions #healingschool #ycb

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