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I love you @damusic The power you exude is phenomenal. We love your music, we love the message and we appreciate your commitment to the gospel. You're that burning light the bible talks about. Oshe! @My_January_blessings #cebayelsa #nsszone1 #nssr

I love you @damusic The I love you @damusic The

It's today!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃 #yourloveworld #yourloveworldspecials #yourlove

I'm super excited

ICelebrateYouDearEsteemed Thank you for blessing us in many ways! @odu-tee @odutee @pastorjesuslady @My_January_blessings #cebayelsa #nsszone1 #nssr

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Monday 25th January - The Love Of Christ Rhapsody of Realities for Early Readers. Share! Share!! Share!!! #TrainUpaChild

Check out my inspiring post on Yookos!

Daily Juice Life doesn't make you or break you, it's actually your mentality that decides. What's playing out of our lives is a picture of the function of our minds. How you see yourself does not only affect how others see you, but also affect how things see you! The Lord loves it when we 'act like Him' or in other words, 'become Him in the earth.' Quit struggling to become what He's already made you. Align and synchronize your thoughts and words with these: Every good thing is in the now of your life and you are in the now of every good thing. All of God's blessings are in your life. Your VOICE is the activation code! God bless u.


Happy birthday love of my life; king of our home and my best friend! I love and cherish you endlessly. 🥳🥳🥳😍😍😍 #celebratingroyalty #exceptionalhubby #mybaby #greatestdad

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