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As long as you do things for God, you are a Hall of Famer in heaven's list. #nightofblissbeninzone3

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the peace of the lord is always with me #NIGHTOFBLISSBENINZONE3 #cebz3Zmcc

Happy Birthday Sister Nomfundo! It's brand new day full of great opportunities for you! Happy Spreading!

Before God can carry you to another level, you must cooperate #nightofblissbeninzone3

i am only headed forward #NIGHTOFBLISSBENINZONE3 #cebz3Zmcc

To be excellence, get unrelieability,instability and indiscipline out of your life. Be controlable #nightofblissbeninzone3

We fail in the work of grace and love when there is too much of us and not enough of God #nightofblissbeninzone3

The time is short and the END is near. #PreachingUsingAllAvailableMeans #ewcavz4

Fully Prepared and Ready for this one

Hello there! Its happening live this October, right in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena for a mighty move of God's Spirit. Get ready for the Impartation and Miracle services Time: 5pm, Friday 28th October and Saturday 29th October. This will be a marvellous time with the Word and the Holy Ghost. God bless you." - Pastor Chris

Your cooperation is yielding yourself to authority,to be controlled be relieable #nightofblissbeninzone3

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