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The Lord is Leading Us Into Another Marvelous Season We’ve Not Comprehended - Pastor Chris The following uncommon cogitations were uttered by our Man of God, Pastor Chris at IPPC 2016 this afternoon as the Pastors Conference came to a close. He’s set my feet on the solid rock. I’m not dragged back by my senses. I’m a child of the Spirit. It’s natural to me. The spirit of God lives in me. I’m the child of the word. I boldly declare that I walk in righteousness, prosperity, and every good thing. I know who I am. I’m full of life. I’m a success in everything. I’m blessed and walk in the blessing. It’s God’s demonstration of righteousness that I live the glory life. Glorious in all my ways. There’s nothing ordinary about us. We’re absolutely excellent. We just keep going higher and higher. I have an excellent mind. I’m just going to live out excellence. There’s no foolishness in me. I’ve got wisdom in every situation. The Holy Spirit lives in me. The Lord is leading us into another marvelous season we’ve not comprehended. Things are getting into place. We’re bold. We’ve got to be tested and proved. Greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world… Follow this Super User and ippcdaily.com for more updates on IPPC 2016. #ippc2016 #ippcdaily

The Lord is Leading Us

It's Amazing moment with Talkbig 26th December are u ready? We were like them that dream & then was our mouth filled with laughter psalm 126

Happy birthday pastor Karen

IPPC 2016 if officially here. Be ready to receive all that the Lord has in store for you . At 6 pm today I'll meet you in church#cecanada

Thank god for my successful live

Am spreading on every side.

I am excited to received all the spirit of God has prepared for me. I lambano every word in Jesus name. #IPPC 2016 #midweek #CE canada

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My Heart Longs for you and to Fulfill your calling and Purpose for My Life #cewarrizone #ippc2016 #imcc2016 #lwe2016 #cewzch3 #ceiyara

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