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A French Rhapsody bible at every bed side, in every hotel room, in every Francophone nation, is imaginable. Sponsor free copies today! Click here; https://rhapsodybible.org/ehrab Or Call this number +2348171987339. You can also visit the partnership stand in your church for further information on how to participate.   #BibleisNo.1 #RhapsodyBible Make God’s Word a center piece in Every Hotel Room

A French Rhapsody bible at

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Did you know including plantain in your diet helps to boost your immune system and also helps with digestion? Include Kobis’ ‘fried plantain’ in the next meal you order from us. #alwayfresh #lunch

You make us love Ministry lavishly....and show us the right way to go always. Celebrating You Mum, is our heart's desire. #PAWELE0905

FAMILY DAY THIS SUNDAY! The light of God's glorious gospel is about to shine into many families. Get as many families you know to attend the first-of-its-kind FAMILY DAY, holding this Sunday 6th May, 2018. The impact would indeed be generational. #CEPHZONE3 #ipse2018withpastorjoy

Zoe ; The ultimate invitation to live all the days of your life like your God , and not like created things ... Fellowship with God ❗️

Celebrating God's General... LOADING••••• #PAWELE0905 #CRVZ #TEAMCALABARROCKS


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