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My life is pleasant & my future is bright. I enjoy Heavenly intervention in all that concerns me. Hallelujah!!! #MyDeclaration#

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#MyDeclaration My business thrives and spreads like wild fire! We are taking over in a short period of time with ease. It's by the Spirit!

#declaration I'm strengthened in my inner man by his Spirit. Divine health is mine. I live in prosperity, peace, joy and abundance

Super natural harvest of souls in my fellowship #mydeclaration

It's green everywhere for me, 2018 is indeed my year of the supernatural. It's supernatural in everything & everywhere #mydeclarations

#Prayingnow #uk šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ In every nation .....

Iā€™m a man on a mission, sent from God a burning and shining light, that through me all might believe #mydeclaration

My children are taught of the Lord, their peace is great&they are examples to their peers. Trailblazers they are.#mydeclaration

My children are blessed by the lord, i work in GODs perfect plan for me in my marriage.

I declare dat I walk in d wisdom of God, it is my year of the supernatural in every ramification.I enjoy the good of the land.#mydeclaration

The wisdom of God on my lips cannot be resisted #mydeclaration #loveworldcity

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