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I Prepared to meet God, served the Lord with my heart #cebramptonwest #canada

I Prepared to meet God,

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Prayer being made for the saints by our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor and the Group Pastors! Oh Glory Hallelujah! #RPLFP2021 #CECANADA #REVKEN

This is war, it is time to choose God side!! #CENDG #Quebeczone #LOVECAN2021 #1BILLIONROR

💥THANK YOU REV SIR!💥 We stay Prepare with: 👉The word of God 👉The Spirit of God 👉The name of Jesus. 💞We stand up for Jesus and when the roll is called up yonder we will be there. Testimonies abound as a result of this program. I have moved. 🤗 #cecanada #cebramptonwest

In recent days, especially as we turned into this 21, I have been drumming the beats of the need to think long term. Time passes. We create the future daily. Truth is, the future is happening as we encounter these minutes. We are creating our future experiences on a daily. You are living the life you planned for(or didn't) a decade ago. Time is yours for the taking. What future are you creating. The future doesn't happen suddenly. It only creeps in unannounced. Yesterday, I took a snapshot of a 10year projection of my savings structure(with compound interest doing its thing) and shared it with a close associate. It was a great thing to see how much I'd have accumulated by then. Saving(shrinking your expense profile) consciously over time is a pivotal fragment of building wealth. Increase income, deflate expenses. Do this over time. You'd be wealthier in a few years. Use money to buy time. Save, save now. Invest and be wise enough to profit. Get money to work, so it can free your time, and your life. Think beyond 21; 25 will happen. 28 too! How would they meet you? Wealthy or struggling? What are you doing about 26? Live prepared, leave prepared! - King #money #moneyking #finance #save #savings #invest #personalfinance #wealth #time #life

Jana Kramer Apologizes to Tiger Woods' Ex Rachel Uchitel After Saying She "Hates" Her Jana Kramer got candid with Tiger Woods' former mistress Rachel Uchitel on her and husband Michael Caussin's podcast, Whine Down. The former One Tree Hill star has long been open...

How the Batwoman Premiere Wrote Off Ruby Rose and Introduced Javicia Leslie We know Kate Kane isn't dead, but she sure looks like she is. Tonight's premiere of Batwoman had a whole lot to accomplish as the show bids farewell to Kate (Ruby Rose) and says...

Belkin unveils SoundForm Freedom TWS and BoostCharge Pro Wireless charger Popular accessories maker, Belkin has announced a couple of new accessories at the CES 2021. The company has announced new true wireless earbuds and a MagSafe compatible wireless charger stand.

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Updated his profile photo

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