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We have been taught to be innovative, to produce solutions to problems, to create wealth, and to dominate. Our solution, DODIGI, is a program which seeks to help 60 businesses in South Africa and Botswana do that through e-commerce. Visit www.dodigi.africa to learn more.

We have been taught to


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YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS WITH PASTOR CHRIS LIVE ON cLOVEWORLD. Join the Man of God Pastor Chris, on Your Loveworld Season 3, Phase 3, Day 2, today at 7 pm GMT+1, for a remarkable time of revelations, prayer, and blessings on cLoveworld. cLoveworld is accessible on the web, mobile, and IPTV.

Birthday loading...Zonal Daddy! Celebramos o nosso muito estimado pastor de zona, Pastor Tony Aduroja! Portugal te celebra, querido pastor! #PTA1404 #LIFEISEASY #INFLUENTIALPTA #UKZONE2

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GLORY TO GOD! https://connect.kingsch.at/api/media/607574cd0913c90006d3c10f

CONVERSATIONS WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT "How Far Do You Want To Go?" Some weeks ago, the Lord was talking to me about His dream for my life going forward. What He said was beyond my wildest dreams; something that’s humanly impossible. After accepting what He said by faith, I unconsciously started placing limits on myself with regards to how I could fulfill the dream. One night, I asked the Lord “How far can I go?” To which He promptly responded, “How far do you want to go?” Then He continued, “Because I can take you all the way and then some more.” He was letting me know that (1) my success was my choice, (2) that everything I could see with regards to that dream was possible and (3) that my vision was guided by Him. God does not limit your success; He can take you as far as you want to go. It reminded me of a time I was praying and I saw something like a magnet pulling me upwards. The Lord explained that with Him, there is always this magnetic pull upwards. With Him, there is no limit; it is upward and forward eternally. It doesn’t matter how high He’s taken you, His dream is to always take you higher. So He pulls you higher, firstly, by filling your mind with His prompting thoughts and visions. He then guides you on how to act on those thoughts in prayer and in fellowship. Thus, you find that everything was already made available for your success from the moment He gave you that vision. Don’t look at your age, title, where you came from, what you studied, what others will say/ think etc. Look to God. He is your only requirement; He is all you need for the fulfillment of your dreams. -Natasha #CONVERSATIONSWITHTHEHOLYSPIRIT #PREPARATION #MONTHOFTRUTH #SONSOFMINISTRY


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