celestina: Happy birthday Daddy, thank you on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Daddy, thank you so much pastor for say yes to the call of God.Thank you sir for your prayers, love and kindness you always show to me and my family. I love you dearly!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎁🎁🎁🎁

Happy birthday Daddy, thank you

Happy perfect birthday to my highly esteemed Pastor. Thank you for teaching and guiding me with the Word of God . I love you and appreciate you sir.

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Speak in tongues building on your Most Holy Faith from IPPC #ippc2020

Indeed you are a gospel activist I love you sir

Happy birthday to my pastor!!!

Watch my new song titled Holy Spirit using the link below : https://youtu.be/CoRrjxS62i4

Happy Birthday to a Heart that sees beyond a million wrongs, loves the most rebellious, praises his worst critics, gives all without keeping any back for himself, thinks there's always an angel in a stone. Happy Birthday to my Father with a priceless heart of Gold. I love you sir

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