KINGSUCCESS : #mydclaretion I declare that only on KingsChat Web

#mydclaretion I declare that only good things will happen to me and my family always in Jesus name I declare that I will never surfer

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The Lord is my shepherd i shall not want #MyDeclaration

I walk in The Grace of JESUS CHRIST and that's why I can never be disgraced! #My Declaration

#mydeclarations:al da concern me s perfectedsupernatural s@wok in my life,abundant blessin in my marriage,unda d dominion ofholy spirit-wife

I declare my family members saved in Jesus name

I declare that am supernaturally fruitful in my job, marriage and finance.

Lord my supplier, my provider, my sufficiency #mydeclaration

For God to continually protect them,bless the works of their hands.just yesterday my father's hut where he sleeps on the farm was set ablaze

Plan to be there👌

#My declaration# My seed shall multiply as the stars of heaven and in my seed shall nations of the earth be blessed.

I am always relevant in God's kingdom.My money expands the kingdom of God. I am a kingdom financier. #mydeclaration

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