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VIDEO TESTIMONY OF THE WEEK 💯 MY LEG GREW OUT- BEATRICE JUMBO TESTIFIES Beatrice Jumbo was healed of Osteonecrosis- a condition that put her in pain for long period of time Watch 👉 #videooftheweek #healingtestimonies #healingtothenations

shingirai magombedze


Praise the Lord!

Patrience Waiwu


Miracle is real Hallelujah Amen

YOUR LOVEW🌍RLD SPECIALS WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY....⏱️5 DAYS TO GO💃💃💃💃!!!! Get readyyyyyy for a life-transforming, preparatory, spirit enlightening, miraculous, mind-boggling, educative and highly inspiring 7 Days in the HolyGhost as you Join our man of God, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn from Monday 25th to Sunday 31st January 2021 for Your Loveworld Specials. Remember to:👇 ✍️Write your expectations for the program 🙏Spend time in prayer for the program 📣Tell everyone you know, and get them to attend the program. THE PROGRAM SCHEDULE IS AS FOLLOWS:👇 ⏱️Monday 25th 7.00pm GMT+1 ⏱️Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th Two sessions daily - 1.00am GMT+1 - 7.00pm GMT+1 ⏱️Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st - 7.00pm GMT +1. 🌎Participate through our LoveWorld Network Stations, Live TV and Ceflix Apps, and on all Ministry Online Platforms and Apps.  #yourloveworld  #yourloveworldspecials  #yourloveworldwithpastorchrisandpastorbenny #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

#Praying now

Spread this word with us as we prepare teenagers all around the world for His coming. #loveworldteensministry #loveworldleeds #loveworldleedsyouthchurch #loveworldukzone1 #ukzone1

It is always a pleasure celebrating you. What you are and what you have been to me is worth celebrating This new year great testimonies abound because you walk in accelerated grace. As one man you will do mighty things that will tickle the ears that hear them.I love you very much

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma, We join the Hosts of Heaven to celebrate God’s Grace upon your life Ma, it’s from glory to Gloryyyyyyy. Enjoy more glorious years ahead Pastor Ma. We love you. #weuz2

As a cell leader, you are connected to a larger body which is your church, group and zone. One effective way to make consistent progress is to be an active participant in the prayer program organized either by your church, group or zone. Through this the Spirit of God will guide you and your members in ways that will keep you prepared throughout this year. Plan to participate in your church, group and zonal daily prayer programs throughout this year both as an individual and as a cell and prepare your heart. Also have all your cell members in a prayer chain with you and allot them time to pray specially for your cell growth and development. #yourchurch/group/Zone #yourcell #Prayingnow #cellministry

Wow!!! It's just a day to go. I can't keep quiet ooohhh... Its something to shout about. Celebrating a success #celebratinganicon #jan20 #rhapsodyofrealitiesboss #ministrycentrewarri

#MYDAILYPROCLAMATION - JAN 19TH I live daily with the consciousness that the blessing of God upon my life overflows from me to everything and everyone around me. I have no sense of lack, disadvantage, or limitation. Whatever monies I require, I pull them out from within, for out of my spirit are the issues of life. The Spirit of God opens doors of opportunities for me that cannot be humanly explained. He has qualified me to experience the great and glorious benefits of the Kingdom. Glory to God! #CELZ4

#Organicpavilionshf #lovinaproducts

Wow!!! It's just time to blow your trumpet! Give way to an exceptional leader #celebratinganicon #jan20 #rhapsodyofrealitiesboss #ministrycentrewarri

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