Caroline Laurenson: Happy Father’s Day to all on KingsChat Web

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! God Bless You greatly for all you do we love and appreciate you so much! #ukzone2 #lwsouthampton #fathersday2019

Happy Father’s Day to all

Happy Father's Esteemed Zonal Pastor.. i love you Sir.. #TeensMinistry #Cekano

Happy Father's Day, Love you so much sir 🙏

Until you understand what you carry untill then will you be free from adversaries. No matter how small you faith is you can cause changes #servicewithpstEunice #CEWashingtondouala #CENdobodouala #EWCAVZ4

Happy Father's Day, I Love you sir

2017 Wow! Wow! Wow! And look where we are now glory! #ICLC2019 is in 4 days...What are your expectations?

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Happy Fathers' Day to the best Dad in the world.

Happy Father's day. Thank you for your mentorship in my life. I love you Sir. #ewcaz2 #cetogo

Happy Father’s Day Pastor! God bless you so much Sir! Thank you for all you do for us for being our Father, mentor, leader, comforter, Pastor, for all you are to us and more thank you Pastor. We love you so much Sir. #ukzone2 #lwsouthampton #fathersday2019

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