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#Lovetoons #Kidsaglow

#Lovetoons #Kidsaglow

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*Greetings Esteemed Pastors/Ministers of the Gospel! * THE LIFE OF CHRIST FLOWS IN US In Every cell and Fibre of our being, the light of Christ is flowing! We are full of his wisdom and understanding. We stand as victors no matter what, the life of Christ can never fail. His love flows through us everyday, his Spirit is working through us , there's no one like him! Hallelujah! Please do follow these Platforms for more information and updates IG: @hspmnetworks IG: @mvpwithpastorchris KingsChat:@hspm #healingtothenations #Indestructible #enterthehealingschool #rhapsodyofrealities #eternallifeinchrist #divinehealthconfessions #LifeinChrist

It’s light up your world conference with our esteemed Pastor Toks Umeasiegbu How ready are you ❓ What are your expectations❓ What do you see❓ I see souls scurrying into the kingdom of light🌕 #LLN #loveworldladiesnetwork #loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #cebayelsa #NSSZ1

#WORDFEST 2.0 DAY 18 MESSAGE OF THE DAY - THE 3 CARDINAL GIFTS OF GOD: THE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE ( PART 2) 👉 Watch today’s message excerpt for free on PCDL TV with: 👉Download and follow the Study Manual. 👉Create your avatar for today with this link: 👉Post your avatar and nuggets of the message on your KingsChat timeline, to inspire others to take today’s study, using these hashtags: #WORDFEST, #WORDFEST2, #WORDATWORK, #CEPHZONE3 Share the link and invite as many people to join in WORDFEST 2.0! God bless you.

Happy birthday to a great man of God. A man carefully chosen by God for C E Rumuagholu 2 for such a time as this. A man who understands and does *MINISTRY*. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIR GOD BLESS YOU SIR.

Updated her profile photo

I and my baby brother are super excited, hope you are too . See you there 😉🥳🤗🎈💃🏾 #lovetoons #kidsaglow

#TEXBaf Prayer time 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #ewcaz4 #bamendagroup #cemutengene

Hurray!!!! Kids Aglow is finally here. Log on to www.lovetoons org to enjoy the party. #lovetoons #kidsaglow

CELEBRATING PASSION AND COMMITMENT 🎉🎉🎉 Happy birthday dear Pastor Jane Edem. Thank you for your passion for the advance of the gospel and for being a performer. We love you dearly 💕💕 #Cepeterodili #happysaints

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