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They are mine says the Lord. #Cell Day at CE Braamfontein #Cellday #Cebraamfontein #CESHILLGROUP #CESAZONE2

They are mine says the They are mine says the They are mine says the They are mine says the They are mine says the

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Happy birthday to fervent and dependable servant of God. Brother Donald may God's mighty hand rest upon your life and all that concerns you this year. It is your year of lights and you shall so shine. Have a blessed day sir. we love you dearly. 🙌❤🙏

Happy birthday Pastor MA. You are truly a mother and care taker. Thank you for raising me in the word through years. Passion begat Passion #PY0120

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There's a difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven

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LAGOS ZONE 2 MISSIONS TRIP TO JAMAICA!!! LADY HEALED OF CANCER!!! Maxine was diagnosed with cancer and had been bedridden; unable to walk, work or even take care of herself for the past two months. Her family and friends had left her after several attempts at treatment failed. When we got to her house, she eagerly received the words of faith. We laid hands on her and prayed for her, and immediately Maxine received strength and sprang up to her feet; thanking and praising God! What a glorious testimony in Christ Jesus! Thank you dear International Missions Partners you made this happen!

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