Rue Praise : HAPPY Birthday Dad... You're loved on KingsChat Web

HAPPY Birthday Dad... You're loved 😍😍

HAPPY Birthday Dad... You're loved

Happy Birthday to my dearest Pastor. Thank you for your unconditional love! Thank you for the life and nature of God you made real to me. I love you sir!

Happy birthday to my father, teacher and great inspiration. My life has being given a new meaning through your ministry. I appreciate you Sir!

Day of Service Celebrating my man of God By serving my community Happy birthday Pastor sir We love you @pastorchrislive @tanzania #EWCAVZ6 #CETANZANIA

Still celebrating our father, mentor and life coach. Thank you Sir for giving us an opportunity to serve. We love you Sir from Texas Zone 2 #offer7 #december7 #dec7 #ids2019 #texaszone2

I call you my Father.... For a reason... You have so guided me spiritually and now its coming down to my children... We love you so much Sir. Happiest Birthday Our Dear Man of God.

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Pasteur christ nous nous sentons honores de celebrer avec vous votres journee speciale..Merci pour tout et surtout pour votre investissementdans nos vies.Joyeux Anniversaire Pasteur et puisses tu celebrer encore de nombreuses annees au nom de JESUS

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!! My life changed the day I came into Love world and I celebrate you today!

Ce wuse zone5 community service to honor our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,

My Love for you Sir is second to none; Kings chat wouldn't let me type out the expressions of my Heart to our President and Father....but I Love you So Dear Pastor Sir; Thank you for giving my Life a Resounding Meaning! I Love you so dearly Pastor Sir #CEMAKURDI #CEOTUKPO #OFFER7

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